Remus J. Lupin (ex_remusjlu) wrote in retrohogwarts,
Remus J. Lupin

Continued Loggy

xxsumireohtorixx: *~severus~*
Sirius x Remus: *Lucius*
xxsumireohtorixx: yes you want to lose YOUR Narcissa to a first year???? *~luaghs~* even I think she's aiming abit low here
Sirius x Remus: That's just... wrong... dating an 11 year old...
Sirius x Remus: Never knew she was into jailbait...
xxsumireohtorixx: yes......but I also hear a buzz going around that ....should you take too long....she'll go for creed. Jailbait??? funny my friend....she went for you.......
Sirius x Remus: I'm not jailbait... 16 is the age of consent. Anything lower is jailbait, if you yourself are 16.
xxsumireohtorixx: You are a rapist.......Narcie lives on the edge
Sirius x Remus: I suppose so...
Sirius x Remus: It's not like she's going to listen to me... so I can't stop her from doing what she wants..
xxsumireohtorixx: LUCIUS!!! I've never seen you give in like this.....what is going on with you?
Sirius x Remus: What the fuck else am I supposed to do, huh?
xxsumireohtorixx: Fight for to her
Sirius x Remus: I doubt she'd want to hear from me
xxsumireohtorixx: It's never a bad thing to try
Sirius x Remus: I'll try, then
xxsumireohtorixx: very good my boy.....:::chuckles::: don't let me keep you
Sirius x Remus: *Stands up finally, as he hadn't gotten up from when Snape punched him before*
xxsumireohtorixx: *~sighs~* lucius.....can I ask you something?
Sirius x Remus: Yes... of course..
xxsumireohtorixx: if you were in love with a girl....and you knew nothing could come from you children......and should somethign happen all it would cause is more pain to you love....what would you do??? would you still love her??? or would you leave her?
Sirius x Remus: I would still love her... *Thinking specifically of Narcissa*
xxsumireohtorixx: But if you knew that the one thing you wanted would never be able to happen....that everytime you tried she'd have to get rid of it.......would you still stay with her?
Sirius x Remus: *Frowns* What does this have to do with anything?
xxsumireohtorixx: it has to do with me......and my feelings......I'm asking YOU for help
Sirius x Remus: Do what makes you happiest... what you think is right for the both of you... if you stayed together, would you both be happy? Content with the way things are, and how they have to be?
Sirius x Remus: But don't sell yourself short... if you want to stay with her just to make her happy... while you yourself are not... I don't think that would be a good idea... because in the end you would both be miserable.
xxsumireohtorixx: Thank you Lucius....I think the best thing to do is push Foxx away....i don't want to hurt her.......or myself
Sirius x Remus: I will... pay for her operation. If you're going to take her, bring her to... the best clinic you can find. I'll pay them enough not to ask questions.
xxsumireohtorixx: You would do that Lucius? there is no reason for you to.......
Sirius x Remus: *Doesn't really want to, but he's in no position to play the bad guy part right now* It's not a problem. I'm just taking your advice and patching things up in the only way I can.
xxsumireohtorixx: Lucius.....I don't expect you to help out here......if anything I will pay.......
Sirius x Remus: You will pay, for my mistake?
xxsumireohtorixx: I will.......I was my fault that I didn't stop you......I could have......would have, had I not been scared of losing you my friend
Sirius x Remus: *Looks surprised* That's why you didn't stop me?
xxsumireohtorixx: *~he keeps a calm look on his face as he nods~* that is why.......I've allways found it hard to confront you....
Sirius x Remus: I am sorry... for taking your friendship for granted...
xxsumireohtorixx: *~laughs~* Lucius...I'm sorry......but seeing you this way makes me laugh. Please my friend...don't act this way around me........I prefer the old you over this
Sirius x Remus: *Snorts* You'd prefer the old me? Why? Look where that got me.
xxsumireohtorixx: At least you wern't acting like a wimp......Lucius.....go talk to narcie now......patch things up....I'm sure you'll find her at the LC. Come back to see me once you're done
Sirius x Remus: I hit her, you know.
xxsumireohtorixx: She told me.......stupid move Lucius
Sirius x Remus: I suppose I'll go to the Leaky Cauldron then....
xxsumireohtorixx: You'll find her with me
Sirius x Remus: ... alright.
xxsumireohtorixx: ((are you having any fun here hun???? because lucius seems not to be. ))
Sirius x Remus: Help yourself to anything if you're staying here.. I'll come back when I'm done..
Sirius x Remus: ((of course he's not, he has to be... nice and stuff. =p))
xxsumireohtorixx: ((LOL.....he doesn't HAVE to be))
Sirius x Remus: ((oh yeah, and if he's not, where's that going to get him? =p))
xxsumireohtorixx: allright......I'll be here my friend......*~he grins~*
Sirius x Remus: *he leaves*
Sirius x Remus: *and goes to the LC*
xxsumireohtorixx: *~at the LC~*
Sirius x Remus: *Goes in, looking around*
xxsumireohtorixx: *~narcie wakes after a very long night and day and looks over to the man still laying at her side. He would be out for a long time, she thought, and placed a soft kiss on Tyler Creed's lips.~* you arn't as bad as the Griffindor says my dear.......You shall be a fine man for me......*~she curls in close to him~*
Sirius x Remus: *He goes and takes a seat at a table, ordering himself a drink, thinking he'll wait a while and see if she shows up, as he's not about to go upstairs and check the rooms*
Sirius x Remus: *Besides, if he did, and saw them like that, he'd probably kill Creed*
xxsumireohtorixx: *~a random voice calls out to lucius~* hey stanger...if you're looking for the blonde bimbo....she's upstairs with the drunk!
Sirius x Remus: *Glares at the stranger threateningly, then goes upstairs to check the rooms*
Sirius x Remus: *Knocks on the door*
xxsumireohtorixx: *~Narcie starts and glares at the door.~* Whoever it is go away.......can't you read the sign on the door?!
Sirius x Remus: Narcissa... it's me.
xxsumireohtorixx: *~softly~* god..... *~yelling at the door~* you can't come in here! leave me be...!
Sirius x Remus: I just want to talk
xxsumireohtorixx: Get out of here Lucius.......!please......*~her voice sounds choked~*
xxsumireohtorixx: *~tyler let's out a moan and turns to face Narcie~* what's going on Narcie?
Sirius x Remus: Narcie, lovely, please... I just want to speak with you... and then I'll leave you alone...
xxsumireohtorixx: *~narcie~* It's nothing Tyler.....go back to sleep...I wont;' be a minute....*~she runs a finger over his lips as she stands and pulls on a green silk robe. She walks out the door to come face to face with lucius~* what is it now?
Sirius x Remus: *Backs up a little* I wanted to... apologize... for my unreasonable behavior... I don't excpect you to forgive me, but I felt I owed you at the very least an apology for my actions...
xxsumireohtorixx: you're appoligizing? Lucius must be drunk......! *~she laughs~* what pushed you to this? Severus no doubt
Sirius x Remus: I am not drunk... nor was I forced to do this... I'm doing this because I truely love you... even if you have moved on... there is no other for me... I'll never desire or love anyone as I have you... *Looks past her, over her shoulder* That's... all I wanted to say.
xxsumireohtorixx: "That's all you wanted to say...." you couldn't even look me in the eyes as you said it. Never love another? that means didn't LOVE Foxx.....and now she's baring YOUR child! Even I didn't get that honor! I have moved're right Lucius......Tyler my not love me...but he doen't hurt me either....
Sirius x Remus: ... *Nods* As long as you're happy. Goodbye, Narcie.
Sirius x Remus: *Resisting the urge to kill Tyler*
Sirius x Remus: *Turns to leave*
xxsumireohtorixx: *~tyler steps over to the door opening it and stepping outside~* Narcie......
xxsumireohtorixx: *~she turns to look at tyler~* I'm sorry I was so long.....Malfoy wanted to talk with me.....
Sirius x Remus: *Glares back over his shoulder at him*
xxsumireohtorixx: *~tyler~* well......let him's the least I can grant him.......*~he glares at lucius then kisses narcie~*
Sirius x Remus: ... I've nothing left to say. If you ever hurt her, I'll kill you. *Looks away and heads back downstairs*
xxsumireohtorixx: *~as she kisses Tyler she watches as lucius leaves. She can't help but feel abit sorry for him. She walks with Tyler back into the room~*
xxsumireohtorixx: (( I think it's time for Lucius to start interacting with someothers's just losing everyone here.....))
Sirius x Remus: ((yes he is))
Sirius x Remus: *Goes back to his house*
xxsumireohtorixx: ((I feel bad for him...;.;))
Sirius x Remus: ((*Pets poor anti-social bastard Lucius*))
Sirius x Remus: *Goes inside, and looks for Sev, his only true friend*
xxsumireohtorixx: ((gotta love him'm telling you...I'd take lucius no matter what!! MEOW!!))
Sirius x Remus: ((rofl))
xxsumireohtorixx: ((I'd shag probs there))
xxsumireohtorixx: *~severus is waiting in the living area. He sits on the couch and rises when he hears lucius coming~*
Sirius x Remus: *Throws off his cloak and approaches him*
Sirius x Remus: *A guarded look in his eyes*
xxsumireohtorixx: She refused you...didn't she?
Sirius x Remus: ... of course.
Sirius x Remus: *Suddenly grabs him in a tight hug*
Sirius x Remus: Don't. Tell. Anyone. About this. *His voice is strained, as if he were trying desperately to hold back some type of emotion*
xxsumireohtorixx: *~is rather surprized but hugs his friend~* I won't tell a soul.......this will be between only you and one will hear of it
Sirius x Remus: *As he is only 16 -- soon to be 17 -- years old, still very young, and brought so much upon himself, he presses his face against Severus' shoulder, and starts to cry silently*
xxsumireohtorixx: *~has never once herd his friend cry. he shakes his head as he continues to be a shoulder for him to cry on.~* Lucius.........I....I don't know what to say....
Sirius x Remus: Just don't tell anyone. Don't tell anyone how terribly weak I've become... *Speaking in a trembling voice, still trying so hard to hold back his tears*
xxsumireohtorixx: I promise you.....not a soul will know of it.....I sware on my friendship with you.....
Sirius x Remus: Thank you... Severus
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