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*animecrash* grrrr....some people...e.e; this was posted in James' journal

2002-08-16 11:31 (link)
[Here, I'll keep it in brackets as not to screw with your RP. How can you people throw so much drama into this simple story. James and Lily are lovers. They will eventually end up togehter and there isn't anything you can do to change that. I know it's a childrens story, but I'm not saying No sex. I'm just saying... everybodys cheating on eveybody, people are raping people, people are trying to commit suicide. Sirius wants Remus, and Remus wants Sirius. Lily and James are ment to be. Snape most likely wants Lily, but can't have her because she loves James. Lucius wants Narcissa and that's how it all should be. I don't have anything against adding your own characters in. I'm all for that. My RP's wouldn't go anywhere without a few added characters to spice things up. But you really must make this beleiveable. It's the seventies for christ sake. It's all about free love and drugs, Or just sickingly sweet romance, where Lily and James are concerend. I also play James in a story line, and I don't think I'm good, but people tell me I am. I can dig deep inside his character and make everything good. In your storyline, Lily dumps him and he says 'Well I can just pick somebody else up' James Potter would not stand for that. He'd do everything he could to win her back. James Potter has a certain charm about him that just... will not quit. Well okay I think I am finished now. I just had to get that all out. I'm sorry. ]
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