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log for what happened between Daisie and Severus.

Okay don't go ballistic on me guys,cuz I'm typing this out right now.Me and my sister wrote back and forth in a notebook since my monitor is on the fritz and we couldn't be on it while we were at the mall.Here it is! ^^

xxsumireohtorixx: *~Having just left St. Mungo',Severus Snape walked quickly,trying to beat the comming storm~*
DaisieLupin: *Having just finished her quest,Daisie slowly walked home for she desperately wished to be in Severus' arms.Walking in a thunderstorm,she felt the cold water drench her body and she shivered in cold and anticipation*
xxsumireohtorixx: *~He walked with his head lowered having just broken things off with Lily and was extremely depressed.The rain began to pour down on him as if mimiking his sorrow*~
DaisieLupin: *she was also depressed for having killed somwething.She hated it that she felt she had to not be herself for him but shrugged it off becuz he ment the world to her and she was willing to do anything.As she walked,she listend to the sharp crack of thunder and turned her head to glance at the lightning everyso often,her curls dangleing limply behind her.She smiled as she saw the city in her sight but her happieness was shortlived as a bolt of lightning struck a huge tree branch and gasped for breath as it struck her square in the stomach*
xxsumireohtorixx: *~A strange feeling hit him in the pit of his stomach.Something is wrong,he thought:I should check and see whats going on.:He began to walk towards the forest.~*
DaisieLupin: *Daisie lay there on the ground,the branch still over her body.As the blood gushed out of her wound,she vaguely wondered if she was going to die here without seeing Severus or her friends again.Her pure white outfit is soaked through with her own blood and her light blonde curls where matted and sticky to the touch*........Severus..........
xxsumireohtorixx: *~He hastens his steps,now running towards the trees,reaching the outskirts he could barely make out the form of a woman pinned beneath a branch*~ Daisie...
DaisieLupin: *She tried her hardest to keep awake and conciouss.Daisie thought she was hallucenating as she saw the form of Severus running to her.She decided against him being there becuz he still had lily to care for.She tried to push the branch from her ody but she was too weak from the loss of her blood and she supposed thats what she got for killing something*
xxsumireohtorixx: *~After having reached Daisie he saw what bad shape she was in.He gasped,his eyes growing wide~* Oh,Daisie...*~He bent down and quickly removed the branch from her body.He also performed a healing charm to close her wound and mend any broken bones*~
DaisieLupin: *The last thing she saw was the figure of Severus glowing like an angel before she fell unconciouss*
xxsumireohtorixx: *~Taking her up in his arms,he walked with her still body all the way back to town*~

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