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You have just entered room "To rave about Lucius."
LilyEvans4ever has entered the room.
Daisie Lupin: ......
Daisie Lupin: bad room
XxSumireOhtorixX: good room
Daisie Lupin: <<;;
Sirius x Remus has entered the room.
LilyEvans4ever: good room
Daisie Lupin: bad room
Sirius x Remus: He had his hair tied back
Daisie Lupin: o.<;
Sirius x Remus: In a black velvety bow
Sirius x Remus: And he was sitting next to Snape
Daisie Lupin: *twitches and hides with her cute snapey who showed Lockeheart who was boss* ><;;
XxSumireOhtorixX: ::::cuddles jenna::: hehe...a dream come true ne?
Sirius x Remus: yeees
Sirius x Remus: l;jkahn;fgha
Sirius x Remus: did y'all stay to the end of the credits?
XxSumireOhtorixX: nu
Sirius x Remus: oh
Sirius x Remus: they had something
Daisie Lupin: *throws a water balloon at her sis as she says that and whistles innocently*
XxSumireOhtorixX: what did I miss
Daisie Lupin: 9.9;
Sirius x Remus: did Lily see it? I don't want to ruin the movie
LilyEvans4ever: no, I didn't :-(
Sirius x Remus: *was amused how Ron's voice cracked whenever he wqas scared*
Sirius x Remus: aww =(
Sirius x Remus: it was great!!!! you need to see it
Daisie Lupin: Ron was funny!
Daisie Lupin: *clingcuddlesnuggleshersnapeyaandthenlily*
Daisie Lupin: got ya! ^^
Daisie Lupin: hehe!
Daisie Lupin: XD
LilyEvans4ever: I wanted to see it, but I had to work today. Grrr...work... hee hee
Sirius x Remus: I'm watching it nooow on the comp
Daisie Lupin: ><
XxSumireOhtorixX: WHAT!!!
XxSumireOhtorixX: where you get it
LilyEvans4ever: how?
Daisie Lupin: gimmie!
Sirius x Remus: =)
Sirius x Remus: my dad downloaded it
Daisie Lupin: from???????????????
Daisie Lupin: O.O;
Sirius x Remus: the quality isn't very good but still
Sirius x Remus: I dunno
LilyEvans4ever: ha! you are so lucky!
Daisie Lupin: so??
Daisie Lupin: XD
XxSumireOhtorixX: I want it
XxSumireOhtorixX: :::cries:::
Sirius x Remus: Fred and George!!
LilyEvans4ever: me too. *cries as well*
Sirius x Remus: he got it from something called stream load..
Sirius x Remus: but you have to pay to use it
Daisie Lupin: I didn't get to see the dueling scene! *snifflesand crys*
XxSumireOhtorixX: hmmm......how much?
Sirius x Remus: o.o
Daisie Lupin: I was in the bathroom lol
LilyEvans4ever: LOL
Sirius x Remus: I had to pee so bad at the beginning of the movie
Sirius x Remus: which happened at the first movie too
Sirius x Remus: I waited until the end
XxSumireOhtorixX: how much does that thing cost jen?
Sirius x Remus: he said he has it on KaZaa too
Sirius x Remus: I dunno
XxSumireOhtorixX: ask?
Sirius x Remus: he said he only pays 5 bucks but only cuz he got an early membership
Sirius x Remus: look on KaZaa he's connected now, someone is DLing it
Sirius x Remus: I think his username is "bigdude" or something
Sirius x Remus: I love the Weasleys
Sirius x Remus: he put it on video!
XxSumireOhtorixX: Kazaa???? is that KaZaa.com?
Sirius x Remus: I dunno
Sirius x Remus: try it
Daisie Lupin: weasleys!
Sirius x Remus: the Weasleys are so damn great
Daisie Lupin: Ginny and Harry where sooooooooooooooooooooooo cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was like,Awwwwwwwwwww!!! Kawaii!!! XD
Daisie Lupin: *ish a Ginny/Harry shiper*
Sirius x Remus: .............
Sirius x Remus: NO
Sirius x Remus: NO NO NO
Sirius x Remus: that's so wrong
Daisie Lupin: >P!!!
Sirius x Remus: NO Harry/Ginny
Daisie Lupin: *raspberry to jenna*
LilyEvans4ever: I like Harry and Ginny :-)
Sirius x Remus: gaaah!
Sirius x Remus: noooooooo
Sirius x Remus: ;_;
Daisie Lupin: thank you! See??? 2 against 1!
Sirius x Remus: hn
Daisie Lupin: muahahahahahaha!
Daisie Lupin: lol
Sirius x Remus: I'd rather Ron/Harry, and I hate that pairing
Sirius x Remus: *all for Ron/Hermione*
Daisie Lupin: yicky
Daisie Lupin: same here that one
Daisie Lupin: XD
Daisie Lupin: especially at the end!
Daisie Lupin: lmao
LilyEvans4ever: I like Ron/Hermione too, and Snape/Hermione (when she's older of course)
Daisie Lupin: *gags* Lily!
Daisie Lupin: x.X;
Daisie Lupin: LOL
Sirius x Remus: I've read Snape/Hermione =p
LilyEvans4ever: me too
Sirius x Remus: SNAPE!
Daisie Lupin: *gags*
Sirius x Remus: He was great
Daisie Lupin: What did you guys think of Myrtle??
XxSumireOhtorixX: :::shivers:::
Daisie Lupin: I thought she was cool
Daisie Lupin: :D
Sirius x Remus: eh
Sirius x Remus: so-so
Daisie Lupin: She had a good voice
Sirius x Remus: was she in Slytherin?
Sirius x Remus: *was trying to see her patch*
Daisie Lupin: do you think there would be mudbloods in slyth?????
Daisie Lupin: hello!!
Daisie Lupin: she was a mudblood
Daisie Lupin: sheesh
Sirius x Remus: Tom Riddle?
LilyEvans4ever: lol
Daisie Lupin: he was too
Sirius x Remus: Tom Riddle had a muggle father
LilyEvans4ever: yup
Sirius x Remus: He was a mudblood and in Slytherin
Daisie Lupin: but so was myrtle
Sirius x Remus: Yeah
Daisie Lupin: cuz she was killed by the basilisk
Sirius x Remus: But she could be in Slytherin still
Daisie Lupin: myrtle was psycho though
LilyEvans4ever: no he wasn't a mudblood because his mother was a witch
Daisie Lupin: o.o;;
Sirius x Remus: More the reason for her to be in Slytherin
Sirius x Remus: But he's not pureblood
LilyEvans4ever: he's a half-blood
Daisie Lupin: voldemort reminds me of Hitler
Daisie Lupin: Hitler was jewish too
Sirius x Remus: *nods*
Sirius x Remus: yep
LilyEvans4ever: oh, I didn't know that
XxSumireOhtorixX: hehe...yeppers
Sirius x Remus: he was the opposite of what he wanted
Daisie Lupin: yea
LilyEvans4ever: wow
Daisie Lupin: http://www.neopets.com/shopping/clairessplash.phtml
LilyEvans4ever: hey, peeps, I have no storyline ideas for Sirius and Lily :-(
XxSumireOhtorixX: hehe.....hmmmm...I've been tryingto think
Daisie Lupin: I don't neither but I can try to think of some
Daisie Lupin: :-)
LilyEvans4ever: thanks :-)
Daisie Lupin: shouldn't azakaban be comming up soon?
Sirius x Remus: no
Daisie Lupin: >.>;;
Sirius x Remus: that's after Lily and James get married
Sirius x Remus: and have Harry
Sirius x Remus: Harry's 1
Daisie Lupin: it ish?
Sirius x Remus: yes
LilyEvans4ever: yup
Sirius x Remus: he's framed for their murder
Daisie Lupin: no duh
XxSumireOhtorixX: well yea....but what about second movie stuff......
Sirius x Remus: that happened before their time
XxSumireOhtorixX: I suppose you say that's before
XxSumireOhtorixX: I allways thought hagrid was in school at the same time james and lily were though
Sirius x Remus: no
Sirius x Remus: go to Lexicon
Sirius x Remus: look at the timeline
LilyEvans4ever: no, hagrid wsn't
LilyEvans4ever: wasn't
Sirius x Remus: it happened 50 years ago
LilyEvans4ever: he was in school with voldie though
XxSumireOhtorixX: I really don't think hagrid is aroud 6 years old
XxSumireOhtorixX: 60
Sirius x Remus: well he is
LilyEvans4ever: yeah
Daisie Lupin: *cuddlessnapie*
Daisie Lupin: ^^
LilyEvans4ever: my snapie! mine! lol
Sirius x Remus: oh!!
Daisie Lupin: *tugs at Snapies arm* Mine too!
LilyEvans4ever: heh, we can share him I suppose. :D
Daisie Lupin: XD
Daisie Lupin: which side do you get?
Daisie Lupin: LOl
LilyEvans4ever: I get the bottom side. :P
Sirius x Remus: hahahaha
Daisie Lupin: XD
Sirius x Remus: Snape's being snarky!!
LilyEvans4ever: lol
Daisie Lupin: http://www.factmonster.com/xwords/harrypotter.html
Daisie Lupin: XD
LilyEvans4ever: oh coolies
Sirius x Remus: http://www.i2k.com/~svderark/lexicon/timeline_main.html
Sirius x Remus: see? Hagrid was at Hogwarts in the 30s
Sirius x Remus: the Marauders were there in the 60s
LilyEvans4ever: and 70's, I think
Sirius x Remus: wait, yeah
Sirius x Remus: they were born in the 60s
Sirius x Remus: were at Hogwarts in the 70s
LilyEvans4ever: yes
Sirius x Remus: I think I made some incoherent noise when Lucius came on with his hair tied back....
XxSumireOhtorixX: oh my
Sirius x Remus: lol
XxSumireOhtorixX: by then I was zoned
Sirius x Remus: coulda died happy
XxSumireOhtorixX: no one could get me to do anything
LilyEvans4ever: lol
Sirius x Remus: the slug scene was disgusting
Daisie Lupin: http://www.comingsoon.net/cgi-bin/archive/fullnews.cgi?newsid1016119020,64461,
Daisie Lupin: *sniffles*
XxSumireOhtorixX: but I loved Ron's face in that scene
XxSumireOhtorixX: HEHE
Daisie Lupin: http://homepage.mac.com/cohora/ext/hpazkaban.html
Daisie Lupin: http://www.expage.com/page/hogwartshoney
Daisie Lupin: cool!!
Daisie Lupin: *wants some*
Daisie Lupin: ^^
Sirius x Remus: Filch is crazy
Daisie Lupin: http://movies.yahoo.com/shop?d=hp&cf=prev&id=1808404333
Daisie Lupin: O.O;;
Daisie Lupin: Peeves???
Daisie Lupin: Sweet!
Daisie Lupin: (9/28/01) Dark Horizons reports that Christian Bale's agent has denied the Sirius Black rumor. (3/14/02) Coming Soon reports that Ewan McGregor is now a top choice to play Professor Remus Lupin.
Daisie Lupin: w00t!!!!!
Daisie Lupin: XD
Sirius x Remus: YES
Sirius x Remus: *dies*
Sirius x Remus: I would be so fucking happy
LilyEvans4ever: lol, hehe
XxSumireOhtorixX: Everyone would
Sirius x Remus: did you see Remus' new icon? =)
LilyEvans4ever: I did :-)
XxSumireOhtorixX: I didn't
Daisie Lupin: nu,is it cute?
Sirius x Remus: Of course it is
Sirius x Remus: It's Ewan
Daisie Lupin: *purrs*
Sirius x Remus: crap
Sirius x Remus: Wren isn't going to be online tonight.... =(
Sirius x Remus: *sigh*
Daisie Lupin: *snickers and waits till sirius goes to azkaban before glomping Remus*
Daisie Lupin: XD
Sirius x Remus: o.o
XxSumireOhtorixX: HAHA good move
LilyEvans4ever: grrr...lol
Sirius x Remus: Remus: *Is too heartbroken to consider anyone else and pushes her away*
Daisie Lupin: *huggles friendly*
Sirius x Remus: Remus: *Just wants to be alone*
Daisie Lupin: o.o;; *patpat*
Sirius x Remus: seee his icon? http://www.livejournal.com/userpic/3046578
Daisie Lupin: *glomps the icon*
Daisie Lupin: wee!
Daisie Lupin: XD
Sirius x Remus: thoughtful!werewolf
XxSumireOhtorixX: nice one.......hehe
Daisie Lupin: I've gots some Ewan as Remus ones
Daisie Lupin: :D
LilyEvans4ever: so cute :-)
Sirius x Remus: *pets my Flipped Hogwarts Sirius* we finally got to the torturing..
Sirius x Remus: *feels bad for FH!Sirius*
Daisie Lupin: *Feels bad for Remus*
Daisie Lupin: *patpat*
LilyEvans4ever: oh, poor Siri
Sirius x Remus: Remus is the one who caused Sirius' torture in Flipped Hogwarts
Daisie Lupin: *patpat's jennas remus*
Sirius x Remus: but it's not his fault, he's posessed by a demon
Daisie Lupin: :P
LilyEvans4ever: anyones want to roleplay?
Sirius x Remus: sure
Daisie Lupin: suries,but some peepies need to lighten up on poor Daisie
Daisie Lupin: *patpatherDaisie*
LilyEvans4ever: and Lily! *patpat Lily* lol
XxSumireOhtorixX: hehe...okies!!! Happy night?
Daisie Lupin: *patpatlilytoo*
Daisie Lupin: ^^
LilyEvans4ever: okies, lol
Sirius x Remus: *hungry*
Daisie Lupin: *looks to Jenna* Ish you going to play Lucius how he is played in the movie now?
Daisie Lupin: Xd
Daisie Lupin: *XD
LilyEvans4ever: *is hungry too. Did not eat dinner. :p*
Sirius x Remus: did you know that the Dementors literally represent depression?
LilyEvans4ever: yep
LilyEvans4ever: and the death eaters are like the KKK
Sirius x Remus: did you read that book?
LilyEvans4ever: what book?
Sirius x Remus: The Magical Worlds of Harry Potter
Sirius x Remus: bu David Colbert
Daisie Lupin: yea,scary
Daisie Lupin: muahahahahahaa!!! *pushes them all ic evily* >D!
LilyEvans4ever: no, I didn't
Sirius x Remus: waaait
Sirius x Remus: ohh
Sirius x Remus: that's where I learned about the dementor thing
LilyEvans4ever: I just kind of figured it out.
Daisie Lupin: o.o;;;
Sirius x Remus: JK Rowling said it
Sirius x Remus: also
Sirius x Remus: "Morsmorde" means "take a bite out of death" in French
Sirius x Remus: which is why they are called Death Eaters
LilyEvans4ever: oh, I didn't know that.
Sirius x Remus: and
Sirius x Remus: by name"The Animagus form of a black dog is appropriate for Sirius Black in more then name alone. Magical black dogs appear mysteriously throughout Europe and North America.
XxSumireOhtorixX: geez.....I speak french.....bad me should have known that
LilyEvans4ever: wow
Sirius x Remus: There have been many sightings in Britain, where they are known by names like Black Shuck (from the Anglo-Saxon scucca, meaning "demon"), Old Shuck, Shucky Dog, the Shug Monster and Shag Dog.
Sirius x Remus: The residents of Staffordshire in centeral England gave it the name Sirius uses: Padfoot."
XxSumireOhtorixX: I thought we were goingto rp?
LilyEvans4ever: yeah, hehe
Sirius x Remus: we are, I just wanted to say that because I thought it was interesting
LilyEvans4ever: hey, do you guys have any ideas of what else I can put on the website?
Daisie Lupin: *Daisie walked downstairs,yawning lightly.Her back hurt becuz she had slept out on the common room sofa becuz she was sure Lily didn't want her ex bestfriend sleeping next to her.Rubbing her side,she sighed as she opened the door to
XxSumireOhtorixX: hmmmm....dunno......you are allready putting up the logs right?
LilyEvans4ever: oh no, I haven't put them up. I will though.
Sirius x Remus: here's the site for Malleus Maleficarum, you can steal ideas from there ^_~ http://www.red-anubis.com/mm/
Daisie Lupin: the great hall and was suprised to see Remus sitting at the Gryffindor table tand talking allready.Feeling really guilty,she hung her head and approached the table silently*
Daisie Lupin: http://lucius.fanatique.net/
Sirius x Remus: *Uh.... Remus is apparently sitting at the Gryffindor table then, although I don't know why*
LilyEvans4ever: (cool, hee hee)
Daisie Lupin: (( LMAO!!! her mom said lucius looked like a breast!! XD!!!!!!!!! ))
LilyEvans4ever: *Lily walked down to the Great Hall, in a rather pleasant sort of mood. She wasn't feeling angry, or depressed, or happy, really, but she was in a calm mood. She walked over to the Gryffindor table and sat down*
LilyEvans4ever: (ROFL)
XxSumireOhtorixX: ((who the hell can I play??!! hehe ))
Daisie Lupin: (( snapie!! ))
Sirius x Remus: *... still dun know why Remus is sitting at the Gryffindor table, who he's talking to, or what he's talking about*
Daisie Lupin: (( XD make it up,silly! ^^ ))
LilyEvans4ever: (hey, I've got to change compies. I'll be back. Tom wants to use his. hehe)
XxSumireOhtorixX: ((okies))
Daisie Lupin: (( o.o; tom riddle?? ))
LilyEvans4ever has left the room.
Daisie Lupin: (( scary! XD ))
Daisie Lupin: (( lol ))
Daisie Lupin: *Her ice blue orbs look over to Remus as she sits down next to him.She placed a hand on his shoulder gently,hoping he wouldn't trun around and hurt her* ....Remus....
Daisie Lupin: (( http://www.the-leaky-cauldron.org/images/2002/11/FredandGeorge.jpg ))
LilyEvans4ever has entered the room.
Daisie Lupin: (( wb!! ))
Daisie Lupin: (( http://www.the-leaky-cauldron.org/images/2002/11/Diary.jpg ))
LilyEvans4ever: (thanks)
Sirius x Remus: *He jumped and pulled away from her* Don't touch me...
XxSumireOhtorixX: *~Severus snape made his way down to the Great hall. He really didn't know why, seeing as though he really felt more like being alone. But he was growig tired of the common room, and of the library~*
LilyEvans4ever: *Lily sat down near Remus and Daisie* Hi, you guys.
Sirius x Remus: *Remus stood up and moved to sit next to Lily, away from Daisie*
LilyEvans4ever: *Sirius came down to the Great Hall, feeling pretty happy this morning. He walked up to Remus, Lily and Daisie* Good morning *he chirped, then noticed Remus's expression.* What's wrong, love?
Daisie Lupin: *Feeling abit hurt,she swallowed her pride and watched as he changed places* I have to talk to you,Remus...Please..just hear me out...
Sirius x Remus: I don't want to talk to you, Daisie...
Sirius x Remus: *Looks up at Sirius*
LilyEvans4ever: *Lily frowned at Daisie* You really did a horrible thing, Daisie* she replied softly.
XxSumireOhtorixX: *~Severus passed through the doors of the great hall. seeing the others gathered he tried his hardest not to be seen as he walked over to the slytherin table.~*
Daisie Lupin: *Tears welled in her eyes as she looked to Lily* I...I know I did,and....well..if Remus hadn't kept on hurting me and hating my guts for doing what I had to I probably wouldn't have done it...
LilyEvans4ever: Sirius glared at her. "That's really vindictive thinking. Remus had a right to feel the way he did.
Sirius x Remus: Hurting you? I never did anything to you other then try my best to avoid you, and you did not have to kill anyone, and even so there is no excuse for what you did
LilyEvans4ever: *Lily nods in agreement*
XxSumireOhtorixX: *~He sat at the table listening to the fight that was sure to erupt at any moment. He didn't want to help daisie, mainly because he knew in some way she'd be able to handle it. She'd have to if she truely wanted to join him~*
Sirius x Remus: ((*wonders what's taking so long to reply*))
Daisie Lupin: *She still remained strong in her decision,her tears coursing down her cheeks as she gazed at them.Her jaw set,she looked sadly at Remus* Why?? Why,Remus? *she choaked on her tears*Why did you avoid me? You were my friend as well,
Daisie Lupin: and it hurt me bad.....*she remained sitting but her tearful gaze was focused on Remus himself*
Sirius x Remus: If your way of revenge is trying to kill me because I hurt you, then I don't want to be friends with you at all
LilyEvans4ever: "Daisie," Lily said. "You really have been acting more like a Slytherin than a Gryffindor. I don't believe how different you are now. You never used to be like this.
XxSumireOhtorixX: *~with a sigh Severus spoke up~* That is your lost then Lupin......As for you ...Evans. When has acting like a slytherin bothered you? tell me that?
LilyEvans4ever: I do not betray my friends. *she replied stiffly, not wanting to look at him*
Sirius x Remus: I don't want to talk about this anymore *Stands up*
XxSumireOhtorixX: If you continue to push her away none of you will like what is to come.......you know that.......
LilyEvans4ever: *Sirius* Come on, Remus. *glares at Snape and Daisie* Let's get out of here.
LilyEvans4ever: *Lily rolls her eyes*
XxSumireOhtorixX: *~he beconed daisie to his side~*
Sirius x Remus: *Remus* Just leave my friends and I alone...
XxSumireOhtorixX: It's funny how you all judge Friends.......Daisie was mearely proving to me she'd do anything for love.......would you not to the same lupin?
Sirius x Remus: *Lucius comes up to them, smirking* Well, that won't be too hard then, will it? All of... what, four, five, is it, Lupin?
LilyEvans4ever: Sirius glares furiously. "I will not be threatened to be anybody's friend."
Sirius x Remus: *Remus ignored Lucius' comment* You couldn't possibly really love her, to make her do such a thing
XxSumireOhtorixX: *~Severus starts and turns to see Lucius, he smiles, grateful for the backup~* I demand loyalty......A test is to prove it
Daisie Lupin: *She just sits there ,her eyes to the floor as she couldn't believe that they aren't listening to her.Tears fell in streams from her eyes to the ground making the floor wet*
LilyEvans4ever: *Lily sits there wondering how she could have ever loved Severus seeing the way he treated Daisie. She shakes her head sadly*
Sirius x Remus: *Lucius* Miss Foxx is certainly very loyal, too, isn't she, Severus?
XxSumireOhtorixX: *~He nodded~* indeed....she would do anything for me......*~having said that he shot lucius a "I need to havea word with you" look~*
Sirius x Remus: *Lucius RaE at Sev*
XxSumireOhtorixX: ((oro?))
Sirius x Remus: (( RaE = Raises an Eyebrow ))
XxSumireOhtorixX: ((thought so))
LilyEvans4ever: (I'm posting old logs to the website now)
XxSumireOhtorixX: ((:::waiting for others to post...hehe))
LilyEvans4ever: *Lily gets up to leave* I need to get this homework finished, and I won't be able to finish it here..
Sirius x Remus: *Lucius glared at Remus* I'd think you'd not be so picky about your friends, seeing as how you can't make any... you should be greateful you have friends at all, let alone a... *gives Sirius a disgusted look* lover.
XxSumireOhtorixX: It's a wonder you ever get work done Lily....what with that Potter being around you all the time.....where is he anyway??? off with some other female?
XxSumireOhtorixX: ((ouch harsh))
LilyEvans4ever: (why is he being so harsh to her?)
Daisie Lupin: (( ?? ))
Sirius x Remus: *Lucius raised an eyebrow at Severus* Evans is not the focus of this little... spat, Severus.
LilyEvans4ever: *Lily glared at Severus* I doubt that. He's completely loyal to me. He loves me more than anyone I could have ever imagined. And I love him more than anyone.
LilyEvans4ever: *Sirius glares at Severus* He's just being a prat, come on Remus. Let's leave these gits.
XxSumireOhtorixX: *~Casting him a sidways glance severus was silenced~* so be it then.....*~He turned to leave.~* I will see you soon Lucius......we need to talk....*~Hearing lily's rebuttal he growled, in his mind taking down notes to tear potter to
XxSumireOhtorixX: shreads~*
LilyEvans4ever: *Lily silently was crushed at the way Severus was treating her, but she couldn't afford to let him know that. Despite the emotional person she was, she couldn't let anyone see. She walked quickly out of the great hall, tears spillin
LilyEvans4ever: g down her face. She wiped them away as fast as she could.
Daisie Lupin: *Wishing she could be there for Lily and Remus once more,she watched as Severus and Lily left her with only Remus,Sirius and Lucius* ......Lily.....
Daisie Lupin: (( weeeeee!!!! *pouncesnugglescheryl* ^^!! Lub ya! ))
Sirius x Remus: *Lucius glared at them, then went to follow Sev*
Sirius x Remus: *Remus looks at Sirius* We should go see if Lily's alright
LilyEvans4ever: (pouncessnugglesdaisie lub ya too, hehe :-) )
Daisie Lupin: (( ^^! ))
LilyEvans4ever: *Sirius nods* Alright. *growls* That son of a bitch..*he mutters*
Daisie Lupin: *pouncesnugglerapesjenna* LOL I lub you too! XD ))
Sirius x Remus: *Remus goes after Lily*
XxSumireOhtorixX: *~Catching the retreating group in the hall, james gave them all an odd glance. He stopped lily in her run~* ok.....now what did I miss? *~He seemed to be saying that allot lately~*
Sirius x Remus: (( o.o ))
Daisie Lupin: (( XD ))
LilyEvans4ever: *Sirius follows*
LilyEvans4ever: *Lily looks startled as she sees Sirius, Remus, and James* What are you guys doing here?*she asks with surprise.
Daisie Lupin: (( *thinks* Oh,I know everyone just left poor Daisie by her lonesome.You big meanies!! XD ))
XxSumireOhtorixX: *~Severus retreated to the common room, knowing that that was the only place he'd be able to talk to lucius about this certain topic. Once there he waited~*
Sirius x Remus: *Remus* We're worried about you, running off like that... are you okay?
Sirius x Remus: *Lucius came in and shut the door behind him, then looked at Sev*
XxSumireOhtorixX: James> I was comming to join you all......don't tell me that thre was anouther spat between houses.....
XxSumireOhtorixX: *~He smiled and nodded to lucius~* I need to talk to you about Foxx.......
LilyEvans4ever: *Lily nodded.* I'm fine, just alittle annoyed right now. *smiles at James* Of course, my love. You missed it.
Sirius x Remus: *Lucius* What about her, Severus?
XxSumireOhtorixX: *~With a rather dark look on his face he told lucius about the conversation he had had with Daisie the night prior.~* She wishes to join us Lucius.....Be one of us.......
XxSumireOhtorixX: James> You know......I think I needto lay off the books.....This is really begining to urk me.....*~His hands closed to fists~*
LilyEvans4ever: *Lily puts a hand on his shoulder* Don't worry about it.
Sirius x Remus: *Lucius' eyes widened and he stepped closer to him* One of us? You mean...
XxSumireOhtorixX: *~Severus nodded~* Yes lucius my friend.....*~He pulled back his robe sleave~* one of us. I haven't told her a thing about it.....she happened upon seeing my mark out of my carelessness durring the night......
Sirius x Remus: *Lucius touched the mark on Severus' arm* Does she know what it means?
XxSumireOhtorixX: *~He shrugged~* I'm not certain......I told her only that it was a mark of service.......perhaps she has heard rumors......*~His dark eyes stared at his friend. unsure of what to do under these cercumsatnces~*
Sirius x Remus: *Lucius smirked* Well then... we shall have to see if our Master deems her worthy enough to join us...
Daisie Lupin: *circumstances
Daisie Lupin: (( :P ))
XxSumireOhtorixX: Indeed we will......But what will happen to her if she is not deemed worthy? I hate to think of the possibilities lucius.....Our lord surely won't let her just leave.....
Sirius x Remus: *Raises his eyebrows* It is up to you if you are willing to take that chance, Severus... he would most likely kill her... especially if she decided not to join after discovering what we are...
XxSumireOhtorixX: *~He body gave a shiver at the thought ogf the curse that would be used to kill her should it come to that.~* I ask you this Lucius.......would you ever allow Narcie to us?
Daisie Lupin: *His
LilyEvans4ever: *Sirius* I think Snape is PMS'ing today.
Sirius x Remus: If she wished to join us, I would allow her, yes.
Sirius x Remus: *Remus laughs*
LilyEvans4ever: *Lily chuckles*
XxSumireOhtorixX: *~James dies of laughter~* That could be true you know.....*~he winked~*
Sirius x Remus: *Remus* Although his time of the month is usually every day of the month...
LilyEvans4ever: *Sirius bursts into tears of laughter*
XxSumireOhtorixX: Does she even know of it Lucius??? She never seems to have said a thing about it?
Sirius x Remus: *Lucius* I told her once... she thought I was insane. I erased her memory.
XxSumireOhtorixX: James> "you know....we could be wicked and pull a prank on this one my boys....*~He grinned at remus and siri~*
Sirius x Remus: *Remus* How?
XxSumireOhtorixX: *~He sighed~* But how could she not find out again...??? surely .....your wrist....even you cant tell me you keep that hidden ALL the time.......
LilyEvans4ever: *Sirius grins*What are you suggesting?
LilyEvans4ever: *Lily turns away, frowning slightly*
XxSumireOhtorixX: *~his grin widened~* oh come now......we are marauders....what could we do to play off this....
Sirius x Remus: *Lucius* I am proud to serve our Master, I will not go out of my way to hide his mark.
Sirius x Remus: *Lucius* I can always use another memory charm
LilyEvans4ever: *Sirius* What do you suggest? I'm listening, Prongs.
XxSumireOhtorixX: Sev> perhaps......I'm surprized narcie would find it distrubing though........You have a complicated female my friend. *~Pulling his wrist away from lucius , he covered the mark once more~*
Sirius x Remus: *Lucius* Mm, indeed I do... but I do so enjoy a challange...
XxSumireOhtorixX: Sev> A challenge whom you rarely see........I suppose she finds "other things" to fill her alone time?
Sirius x Remus: *Lucius* I suppose she does... I am a busy man, Severus
Daisie Lupin: (( *smaks self when she starts seeing Lucius and Severus talking in her mind and jumps in suprise* o.O;;; ))
Daisie Lupin: (( You play a good Lucius,Jenna! XD ))
Daisie Lupin: (( o.O;; btw,how is his name pronounced?? ))
Sirius x Remus: (( loo-see-us ))
XxSumireOhtorixX: Sev> hmph.....busy? *~He nodded and turned his head to grin~*
XxSumireOhtorixX: ((loo-sh-us))
XxSumireOhtorixX: (( :P))
Sirius x Remus: (( he says it loo-see-us in the movie ))
Sirius x Remus: *He smirked*
LilyEvans4ever: (that's the way I always thought it was)
Daisie Lupin: *Daisie was now seated with her back to a large pole,her knees clasped to her chest as sobs wrak her small body.I wish I hadn't of done that...now everyone hates me,everyone hated me before though...didn't they? I know they did,
XxSumireOhtorixX: ((:P.....poo on that...))
Daisie Lupin: they've allways treated me like I wasn't even part of them but a spendable pendage,blaming things on me when the going got tough...It's all their fault*
Daisie Lupin: (( O.O psycho Daisie! Run for the hills! XD ))
XxSumireOhtorixX: *~Severus could do nothing but laugh. He was sure lucius was busy....but surely not in any normal way. He wondered what narcie would do to the man if she knew half the things Snape did.~*
XxSumireOhtorixX: *~Narcissa sat alone in the girl's dorm. once again another day went by without a sign of lucius. She guessed he was busy....but even Potter took time to see lily durring the day.~*
Sirius x Remus: (( http://www.livejournal.com/talkpost.bml?journal=ewan_daily&itemid=98444 ))
Daisie Lupin: (( http://www.ujournal.org/userinfo.bml?user=slytherin_house ))
Daisie Lupin: (( Lucius Malfoy l_malfoyOpen to CastSoccer Dad, Father of the Year, Benefactor to the Poor. ))
Daisie Lupin: (( O.O;;; *is scared* ))
LilyEvans4ever: (I got the log page up. *is exhausted from copying all the logs from the journal, lol*)
Daisie Lupin: (( *patpat* ))
Daisie Lupin: (( *waits for Narcie or someone to notice Daisie* ))
Sirius x Remus has left the room.
LilyEvans4ever: *Lily, who can see through walls, frowns as she spots Daisie alone*
LilyEvans4ever: LOL, :p
Daisie Lupin: LOL
Daisie Lupin: (( ^^! siwwy cheryl! ))
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