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Lily Evans Potter

2/21 Log. The roleplay is back!!!!!!1

[Unknown LJ tag]Sirius x Remus: "Like, 'gee, I need some practice.' And you're supposed
to suggest we go home and do just that."
Daisie Lupin: Excuse me for a second would you all? *Daisie smiled and then
walked over to Severus.Placing a kiss on his lips she took his hand in hers
and pulled him over to the group* Sorry about that,Severus is a little shy of
seeing you all
Daisie Lupin: again
XxSumireOhtorixX: *~Severus growled at daisie and glared at he others~* you
know my love...I was trying to stay hidden....
LilyEvans4ever: *Sirius blushed* Oh, right. Well then......Why don't we go
home and give you some practice?
XxSumireOhtorixX: *~Shakes his head~* do you to ever do anything else?
LilyEvans4ever: *Lily giggled*
Sirius x Remus: Remus grinned and reached up, ruffling Sirius' hair.
"Good boy."
LilyEvans4ever: *Sirius turned to Severus* And how have you been, ol' grumpy
XxSumireOhtorixX: far better then you will be fairing you you call me that
again Black..I assure you.....*~He spoke in a gruff lower tone~*
LilyEvans4ever: Lily intercepted. *Sirius, don't start......*shakes her
Daisie Lupin: *Daisie bit her lip,hoping that he would at least behave
around the 4 seeing as though it had been forever since their last meeting*
XxSumireOhtorixX: (( ::: ish coloring new HP drawing while she waits to
post:: hehe ))
LilyEvans4ever: (cool :) )
Sirius x Remus: Remus sighed.
Sirius x Remus: "Honestly... haven't you two grown up enough to
XxSumireOhtorixX: *~James laughed~* Snapie is still the same......dark and
brooding as allways......
LilyEvans4ever: *Sirius glared back at Severus* Let's just go...Lily, James,
it was good to see you too again. Let's all get together some time soon, ok?
LilyEvans4ever: (are Daisie and Sirius friends again?)
Sirius x Remus: Remus climbed up on the motercycle
Daisie Lupin: (( Uhm,yea. It would be nice ^^ ))
LilyEvans4ever: You too, Daisie....*climbs on the motorcycle*
Sirius x Remus: Wrapping his arms around Sirius.
XxSumireOhtorixX: *~James nodded~* take care of yourselves you two...
LilyEvans4ever: *Lily waved* Behave you two!
Daisie Lupin: Bye,Sirius! *She waved to him,grinning widely* It was nice to
see you again!
LilyEvans4ever: *Sirius laughed and waved back* Yeah, right!
Sirius x Remus: "Bye," he smiled
XxSumireOhtorixX: *~Severus did not shed a tear at there leaving, he was
thankful, seeing as though he never liked them to begin with.~*
Sirius x Remus: Remus nuzzled the back of Sirius' neck
LilyEvans4ever: *Sirius smiled* Time to go home and give you some
Sirius x Remus: He blushed. "Mmm, yes. I think you need to leave your
new jacket on while I practice..."
XxSumireOhtorixX: *~James watched as they drove off then looked to lily~*
What were you doing out here Lily? I didn't know you had shopping to do
LilyEvans4ever: Sirius closed his eyes for a moment, feeling himself harden
up* That'd be nice....*he replied softly*
LilyEvans4ever: *Lily blushed* Well...*she looked uncomfortably at Sev and
Daisie, not really wanting to state her reason in front of them*
Sirius x Remus: Remus slid one of his hands down to the front of Sirius'
pants. "I think so, too..."
LilyEvans4ever: It's a surprise...*Lily stammered*
XxSumireOhtorixX: *~Severus caught that familiar glance from Lily, he then
turned to daisie~* perhaps we should go.....Mrs. Potter doesn't seem to want
us here right now....
LilyEvans4ever: Mmmmmmm...*Sirius moaned* I'd better be careful. I don't
want to get us into a wreck...
LilyEvans4ever: *Lily shook her head* It's not's just...personal
Sirius x Remus: (( How long did it take for Sirius and Remus to get horny
this time? ))
XxSumireOhtorixX: (( lol...I'd say about....5 mins))
LilyEvans4ever: (ROFL)
Sirius x Remus: (( A new record! ))
Daisie Lupin: (( shorter thaahn that! XD ))
Daisie Lupin: *Than
Daisie Lupin: (( That what Sirius said XD ))
Sirius x Remus: "Then get us home fast..." Remus purred into his
ear, rubbing Sirius through his pants.
Daisie Lupin: *Daisie's tone changed and she looked at Lily worriedly* Are
you sure you don't want us to go?
Daisie Lupin: (( *thinks happy thoughts* ))
LilyEvans4ever: *Lucius Malfoy strode arrogantly down Knockturn Alley, his
eyes checking the windows of shops for items of interest. He spotted the
Potters and Severus and Daisie in the distance*
Sirius x Remus: (( Mmm happy puppy love thoughts ))
Daisie Lupin: (( @.@ Nakkie Snapie sweet lubbin wif Daisie thoughts ))
Daisie Lupin: (( xD ))
LilyEvans4ever: (lol)
Sirius x Remus: (( Oh my god I got a v-day card from my mom with pups on the
front and it said "puppy love" on the inside, I was like
"YES!!" ))
XxSumireOhtorixX: (( sev:: hides:: ))
Daisie Lupin: (( *animecrash* XD ))
LilyEvans4ever: *Lily looked uncomfortably back at James, not knowing what
exactly to say, or how to say it*
LilyEvans4ever: (aw, poor Sevvie. Come here. Cheryl will protect ya ;) )
XxSumireOhtorixX: *~james placed a hand on lily's shoulder~* you don't have
to say a thing's ok.....
Daisie Lupin: (( *Makes Gackt snog with Kami* @.@ ))
XxSumireOhtorixX: *~Severus looked to lily, his eyes told her he allready
knew why she was there~*
LilyEvans4ever: (plus he was eavesdropping, hehe)
LilyEvans4ever: *Lily caught Sev's glance and sighed* Oh, alright . I'll say
it. I'm looking for a fertility potion.
Sirius x Remus: Remus nibbled on Siri's neck
LilyEvans4ever: *Sirius moaned* Remus.....I want you right now..
XxSumireOhtorixX: *~James nodded~* I figured as much.....I guess I blame my
self for that. Poor old potter is losing his touch
Sirius x Remus: "Mmm... maybe we can pull the bike off somewhere and
find some place private."
XxSumireOhtorixX: *~Severus noticed Lucius walking towards them and smiled~*
well well here come company....
LilyEvans4ever: A loud snort came from behind them...* You can say that
again, Potter..
Sirius x Remus: (( What, would Lucius know? ))
XxSumireOhtorixX: ((( ::giggles::: he snoted))
LilyEvans4ever: (ROFL)
XxSumireOhtorixX: ( *snorted))
Daisie Lupin: (( *dies laughing* I snot you!! XD ))
Sirius x Remus: (( Lucius: You can say that again, Potter. Damn, you sucked
last night. And not in the good way. ))
LilyEvans4ever: LOL
XxSumireOhtorixX: (( ::dies:: ))
Daisie Lupin: (( LMAO!! ))
XxSumireOhtorixX: *~James' eyes widened and he turned to see malfoy standing
right behind him~* Lucius.....Can't say I'm happy to see you.....
LilyEvans4ever: Lucius turned to Lily. "You know, dear, the fertility potion
only works if you're attempting to concieve. Word has it, Potter's to busy to
be bothered with trivial things like sex with his wife.
LilyEvans4ever: *Lily blushed furiously and glared at him* How would he know
that? she thought.
XxSumireOhtorixX: *~James growled and fought hard not to deck Malfoy right
there~* My work is important.....but I still find the time Malfoy! How about
Narcissa...? Seems she's never with off did she?
Daisie Lupin: *She bit her lip,trying not to tell Lucius off like the old
days and she instead took Severus's hand in her own and brought it to her
chest,hugging it gently*
Sirius x Remus: ((yeah right))
Sirius x Remus: (( Daisie just wants him to touch her boobs ))
LilyEvans4ever: (LOL)
Sirius x Remus: (( I'm sorry... I'm being such a pervert tonight. ))
Daisie Lupin: (( hentai!! XD ))
XxSumireOhtorixX: (( bad ))
Sirius x Remus: ((... well yeah))
Daisie Lupin: (( Okay,maybe she does. XD ))
Daisie Lupin: (( lmao ))
XxSumireOhtorixX: *~Severus grinned~* It's been ages Lucius old friend......
LilyEvans4ever: *Lucius chuckled* Hardly, Potter. Severus, my
have you been?
Sirius x Remus: Remus pressed himself against Sirius from behind.
LilyEvans4ever: *Sirius* Yes, let's do that....
XxSumireOhtorixX: I've been about seem quite well
off....distinguished even.....
XxSumireOhtorixX: *~Severus looked over lucius' attire top to bottom~*
Sirius x Remus: (( ... liar. He's checking him out. ))
XxSumireOhtorixX: *~James snorted~* I'm surprized she hasn't......poor
XxSumireOhtorixX: (( LMAO....)0
Sirius x Remus: (( You people keep giving me such good material to work
with! ;_; How can I resist making comments? ))
Daisie Lupin: (( Daisie; *pokes out Lucius eyes with her wand* *Poke poke*
>D ))
LilyEvans4ever: (LOL)
Sirius x Remus: "Pull off into the alley..."
Sirius x Remus: "We can find a dark corner..."
LilyEvans4ever: Lucius ignored Jame's comment and turned his attention to
Severus* Yes, indeed. I've gotten a job with the Ministry of Magic..And you
Severus? What have you been up to?
LilyEvans4ever: *Sirus pulled off into the Alley quite abruptly*
XxSumireOhtorixX: *~Severus thought~* Hunting.....I was offered a teaching
job...still concidering it...I'm not sure I wish to return to a school
Daisie Lupin: *Daisie remained standing in front of Severus,his hand still
clenched in a hug.It cerainly was nerve wracking to see Lucius once
more,everytime she saw him he scared her and now he scared he even worse*
LilyEvans4ever: Agh, I see...*he turned his cold gray eyes to Daisie* And
you, Daisie? Have you been well?
Sirius x Remus: Remus clung tightly to him when they pulled off, and he
unbuttoned Sirius' pants even before he stopped the bike. It was close to a
full moon -- Remus always got really horny near the full moon.
LilyEvans4ever: *Sirius moaned* Take me, Remus....I want you to strip me of
everything but this jacket and ravish me..
Daisie Lupin: *Keeping a firm upper lip she smiled at Lucius* I've been just
fine....Me and Severus have been living together for about a year now and I
love him *She said that just to see what Lucius would say back to it and she
grinned as she
Daisie Lupin: waited*
Daisie Lupin: (( lol :P ))
XxSumireOhtorixX: *~Severus gave Lucius a sideways glance with a smirk as he
placed his free hand on daisie's shouler~*
LilyEvans4ever: *Lucius smirked at her* Yes, you two look like you're very
much in love. *his voice had a slight tone of sarcasm to it*
Sirius x Remus: Remus growled a little. He got off the bike, and pulled
Sirius with him. He quickly pushed Sirius' pants down.
Daisie Lupin: *Her glance dared him to say more,dared him to say that she
wasn't worthy enough for Severus* We are....*She liked the vote of confidance
she got from Severus as he placed his other hand on her shoulder*
LilyEvans4ever: *Sirius was already panting, his eyes closed in utter
LilyEvans4ever: (what happened to Daisie being a DE?)
Daisie Lupin: (( She is still ))
LilyEvans4ever: (so wouldn't she and Lucius be getting along?)
XxSumireOhtorixX: *~Narcissa had been out gathering afew things and she
walked up behind Lucius. Her cold blue orbs looking from James to lily to
severus. She wore loose fitting robes to hide her current figure~* Found some
entertainment did you
XxSumireOhtorixX: lucius?
XxSumireOhtorixX: (( haha!!! never))
LilyEvans4ever: (LOL, true ;) )
Daisie Lupin: (( Well seeing as though its been ages,not really becuz he
scares her like he did before ))
XxSumireOhtorixX: *~James turned to lily.~* I think we should leave....I can
tell when we are not wanted.....*~He tried to coax her to leave~*
Sirius x Remus: Remus nuzzled Sirius' stomach, and pushed down his boxers.
He stood back up, and pushed Sirius' jacket off. "We'll put it back on
once we get your shirt off..."
LilyEvans4ever: *Lucius smiled and turned to his wife* As a matter of fact,
I did, my love. Oh..before you and Potter head off, Evans...I want you too
to share in the bliss. My dear Narcissa and I are expecting a child..
Sirius x Remus: (( Lucius: Unlike some other married couple I know... *ahem*
LilyEvans4ever: (haha, yeah)
LilyEvans4ever: (damn, I can never think of good lines ;) )
XxSumireOhtorixX: (( :::huggles))
XxSumireOhtorixX: *~James glared at Malfoy~* That is a low blow even for you
Malfoy.....Rubbing that in her face.....You haven't grow up yet have you?!
LilyEvans4ever: Funny....Evans stopped here for a fertility potion..But I
reminded her that she and Potter have to actually be shagging for it to
LilyEvans4ever: *Lily looked enviously at Narcissa, then looked down*
XxSumireOhtorixX: *~Narcissa smiled~* They need help to get it done now do
they? I guess it proves who the better is....Filthy mudblood that she is.....
XxSumireOhtorixX: *~Severus tried hard not to take a side in this, he didn't
want to hurt either~*
Sirius x Remus: He pulled off Sirius' shirt, then helped him back into the
leather jacket. "I think I like leather." And then he kissed him
LilyEvans4ever: *Lucius nodded in agreement* Indeed. Well, it can't be her.
It's happened before. Must be Potter..
LilyEvans4ever: *Sirius kissed him back roughly as well* I think I like it
LilyEvans4ever: *Lily* Congratulations..*she replied coldly*
Daisie Lupin: *Daisie hugs Lily gently* You should just forget him,he's just
jealous that Narcissa isn't as sweet and loving as you are,Lils....
Sirius x Remus: "Do you have lube?" Remus murmured, pushing down
his own pants and boxers.
XxSumireOhtorixX: *~Narcie nodded~* Thank you Potter......*~She grinned~*
Best of luck in your endevors ...though I doubt you get anything out of
him.....I think I worked him dry back in school.....
Daisie Lupin: (( *is blinded* ))
LilyEvans4ever: *Lucius smirked* Yes, I'm completely green with envy, Foxx.
Sirius x Remus: (( You should see some other logs I have with my Remus ))
Sirius x Remus: (( You would be scarred for life ))
XxSumireOhtorixX: *~James took lily's arm~* come on lily...we are
LilyEvans4ever: *Lily fought the urge to snap back at her*
Daisie Lupin: (( No thanks! X.x; I'm scarred enough allready. XD ))
LilyEvans4ever: (LOL)
Sirius x Remus: (( The funny thing is we manage to not even mention a body
part ))
Sirius x Remus: (( Hey, it's some great stuff ))
Sirius x Remus: (( The crossdressing Remus one was great ))
LilyEvans4ever: *Lily took James's arm and walked with him, feeling more
miserable than ever now. But she tried her hardest not to dwell on it.
Daisie Lupin: Bye,Lily,James.....Send us an owl sometime okay? *smiles*
XxSumireOhtorixX: *~James wrapped an arm around lily.~* don't worry
lily....We can try again.,,,
LilyEvans4ever: *Lily nodded* I'll do that, Daisie.
LilyEvans4ever: *Lily looked at him* Why hasn't it happened yet? I don't
Sirius x Remus: (( James needs viagra. ))
XxSumireOhtorixX: *~Narcie grinned as they left.....~* That was wonderful
Lucius.....Use me as a reason to start a fight......*~She shook her head~*
That is why I love you so....
XxSumireOhtorixX: (( ::kills:: ))
LilyEvans4ever: (LOL)
Daisie Lupin: (( ouch ))
LilyEvans4ever: (I think he's just too busy with his work)
Daisie Lupin: (( I think James needs some of what Remus and Sirius have. XD
Sirius x Remus: (( Good, constant sex? ))
Sirius x Remus: (( Gay sex! That's it! ))
XxSumireOhtorixX: (( he's had that))
Sirius x Remus: (( He needs some more ))
LilyEvans4ever: *Lucius chuckled and planted a kiss on her cheek* And I love
you. If the Potters do manage to suceed in conceiving, our child will be far
superior to theirs, indeed.
Daisie Lupin: (( lmao ))
LilyEvans4ever: (LOL. How will that help Lily?)
Sirius x Remus: Remus touched him teasingly, and slowly stroked him.
XxSumireOhtorixX: *~James shook his head~* I am not sure...perhaps we are
just not lucky at this....
Sirius x Remus: (( oh... well... she can watch! ))
Daisie Lupin: (( oy! ))
Daisie Lupin: (( been there,done that,remember? ))
Sirius x Remus: (( She can do it again ))
LilyEvans4ever: (yeah, she was a part of it ;)
Sirius x Remus: (( Who wouldn't want to watch James, Remus, and Sirius go at
it? ))
LilyEvans4ever: (then she wouldn't know who the father was! :p)
XxSumireOhtorixX: Any childe would be superior to that of the
potters.....aside from the weasleys that is.....I pity the rest of the
XxSumireOhtorixX: *~Narcie laughed~*
Daisie Lupin: (( *raises hand* I wouldn't! Only James :P ))
Sirius x Remus: (( You'd want to watch James go at it with himself? ))
Daisie Lupin: (( Yea,lol! ))
XxSumireOhtorixX: (( wow!!))
Daisie Lupin: (( w00t! ))
LilyEvans4ever: (*dies*)
LilyEvans4ever: (you is so silly, Daisie ;) )
Daisie Lupin: (( muahahaha!! ))
Daisie Lupin: (( James: Oh yea,hand,HAnd,HAND!!!!! ))
Daisie Lupin: (( XDDDDDDDDDDD ))
LilyEvans4ever: (rolls over laughing)
Sirius x Remus: (( James: Ohh I love you hand, yes, yes, you're sooo good!
LilyEvans4ever: (Lily: Honestly, James. That hand gets more attention that I
XxSumireOhtorixX: (( :::dies::))
Sirius x Remus: "Do you have lube, Sirius?"
Daisie Lupin: (( lmao!! ))
LilyEvans4ever: (so that's why he never wants Lily. He's too worn out from
doing himself ;) )
Daisie Lupin: (( James: Hand? Do you have Lube? ))
LilyEvans4ever: *Sirius grins* Yeah,,,just a sec....*pulls it out of his
jacket pucket*
XxSumireOhtorixX: (( :::bops cher on head:: bad tohughts bad!! ))
LilyEvans4ever: (ROFLMAO)
Daisie Lupin: (( Hand: Just a sec *takes it out of its jacket pocket* ))
LilyEvans4ever: (You're killing me Daisie! lol )
Daisie Lupin: (( lmao ))
Sirius x Remus: "Mmm, I love a man who's prepared," he leered, and
took the tube. "Bend over the bike..." It's kinky!Remus!
LilyEvans4ever: (Yay! Sirius is feeling submissive today ;) )
LilyEvans4ever: *Sirius grins and obeys* Yes, master Remus!
Daisie Lupin: (( *snickerplot* XD ))
XxSumireOhtorixX: *~James looked to lily~* so...shalo we go home? Try this
agian? hope for the best?
Sirius x Remus: He flushed. "You don't need to call me that." He
put lube on his fingers, and started to prep him. He licked and kissed along
Sirius' back.
LilyEvans4ever: *Lily smiles* If you're up to it.
Sirius x Remus: (( Sirius and Remus are UP to it ))
XxSumireOhtorixX: (( GAH!! ))
LilyEvans4ever: (Lily: If you're not too busy with Mr. Hand that is)
Daisie Lupin: (( LMAO!!!!!!!! ))
Daisie Lupin: (( Go Cheryl!! W00t! XD ))
LilyEvans4ever: (hehe)
LilyEvans4ever: me, baby, work me....
XxSumireOhtorixX: *~James grins~* I'm sure I'm up to it Lily.....
Daisie Lupin: (( *is blinded and can't see the screen* ))
Daisie Lupin: ((*reaches for the elrsem, keys and aksfjbs can't skdln
findleknr0 the dfpo;ajk keyboard* ))
Sirius x Remus: (( Daisie ))
Sirius x Remus: (( What did I tell you about keeping both hands on the
keyboard? ))
Sirius x Remus: (( I know Remus and Sirius shagging is hot ))
Sirius x Remus: (( But you need to control yourself ))
Daisie Lupin: (( lmao! ))
Daisie Lupin: (( we're bad tonight,ne? XD ))
Sirius x Remus: Remus growled a little. "My mate... my Sirius, love you
so much..." he finished prepping him, and then slowly pushed in.
LilyEvans4ever: (yeppers!)
Sirius x Remus: (( wait a sec ))
Sirius x Remus: (( Remus can't lick and kiss Siri's back if he's wearing the
jacket ))
Sirius x Remus: (( void that part ))
LilyEvans4ever: I love you so much too.......*Sirius growns happily* Oh you
feel so good....oh my love...
LilyEvans4ever: Lily smiles *You sure, James?*
Daisie Lupin: *Daisie rolls her eyes and turns to snuggle into Seveus's arms
once again,her stomach feeling quesy from the meeting.*
XxSumireOhtorixX: *~Narcissa looked to daisie~* You don't look so good a bad rabbit?
XxSumireOhtorixX: I've never been more sure in my life......after what
malfoy said......*~His hand clenches into a fist~*
Sirius x Remus: Remus leaned over him, thrusting in and out gently. He
reached around and stroked Sirius. "Ohhh Siri... yes..."
LilyEvans4ever: *Lucius bursts out laughing* My my, my certainly
are a fiesty one today.
Daisie Lupin: (( Sev reminds me of Vincent n.n ))
XxSumireOhtorixX: *~Severus glared at narcie.~* No narcissa.....she hasn't
been feeling well afew days now...she's been tryin to hide it....
Sirius x Remus: (( So just announce it to the world why don't ya ))
LilyEvans4ever: *Lily* Darling. try to forget about what Malfoy said. I want
to do this because we want don't really want a child yet?
XxSumireOhtorixX: *~She grinned~* I see....morning sickness? *~She laughed~*
LilyEvans4ever: *Sirius* Oh Remus! *he fights desperately to control himself
from climaxing too soon*
XxSumireOhtorixX: I do want one Lily...badly.....and I don't say this only
because of malfoy....
LilyEvans4ever: *She smiled at him* Well then.....we'll have to get in the
mood for this to work. *winks at him*
Daisie Lupin: *Is confused on how he knew she was hiding it from him and
glanced at Narcissa from her hiding place* You should talk.
XxSumireOhtorixX: *~Severus patted daisies shoulder~* I know these things
daisie.....little stays hidden.....
Sirius x Remus: He thrust harder and faster, panting. He reached up with his
other hand and threaded his fingers into Sirius' hair, tugging gently.
LilyEvans4ever: *Lucius raises his eyebrows* Pregnant, Foxx?
LilyEvans4ever: *Lucius chuckles* Pregnancy is in the air...Too bad Evans
can't seem to catch it.
XxSumireOhtorixX: *~Narcissa laughed~* that would be a new record in
severus' book....if it is true.....
XxSumireOhtorixX: *~James grinned~* and how do you plan to do that lily?
LilyEvans4ever: *Sirius panted and moaned louder and louder, until he could
control himself no more. He climaxed chanting Remus's name over and over
LilyEvans4ever: ( Lily:*Pretend I'm a giant hand, James. That'll do it for
Sirius x Remus: ((hahahahaha))
XxSumireOhtorixX: (( :::Grumbles::: ))
Sirius x Remus: Remus couldn't hold back after Sirius, and gasped as he
came, clinging tightly to him. "Sirius... Sirius!"
LilyEvans4ever: (lol)
Daisie Lupin: (( lmao!! ))
LilyEvans4ever: *Lily smiled* Why don't we.....give another area besides our
bedroom a shot?
Daisie Lupin: *She raised her eyebrows at him,and looked at him curiously*
That is so not fair,when did you figure it out?
Sirius x Remus: (( Like... the alley! *Gasp!* Sirius... Remus? What are you
doing here?? ))
LilyEvans4ever: (ROFL)
LilyEvans4ever: (is Daisie talking to Lucius or Sev?)
Daisie Lupin: (( Sev ^_^ ))
XxSumireOhtorixX: *~James growled and smirked~* allright.....*~looks around
for a good place~*
XxSumireOhtorixX: wasn't tha hard daisie......*~She
smiled~* and are you going to answer them?
Sirius x Remus: Remus nuzzled the soft leather, sighing. "Mmm...
LilyEvans4ever: *Lily shook her head with a grin* It doesn't need to be could be in a different room in the house. The kitchen, the
bathroom, the drawing room.....
XxSumireOhtorixX: (( GAH!! HE HE!!! ))
Sirius x Remus: (( Kitchen table! ))
Daisie Lupin: (( LOL! I never knew Sev was a girl ;) ))
LilyEvans4ever: *Sirius* Oh Remus...that was wonderful....*He smiled at him
and kissed Remus's cheek* You wore me out..I'm so weak.
LilyEvans4ever: *Lily winked* The shower.....
XxSumireOhtorixX: *~james pouted~* but....where's the fun in that? *~He
licked his lips and pulled her close~* I could just strip you down and have
my way with you right here lily.....
Sirius x Remus: He blushed. "It's always amazing with you..."
LilyEvans4ever: (where are they?)
LilyEvans4ever: *Sirius* You are amazing, Remus.
XxSumireOhtorixX: (( on a side their way home))
Daisie Lupin: *she blushed at his remark,her cheeks growing very red* Uhm,of
course its true,Narcissa....
LilyEvans4ever: *Lily blushed, becoming aroused* Good idea, my love...
Sirius x Remus: "We should get dressed before someone catches
XxSumireOhtorixX: *~Narcissa's eyes grew wide~* what are you saying? I
couldn't have gotten it right.....*~She looked at lucius, then severus~* arn't......
XxSumireOhtorixX: *~James laughed, pressing his lips to hers,~* liked that
did you? I'm sure all the passers by would enjoythe show.....
LilyEvans4ever: *Sirius pretends to pout* I suppose we should. But I don't
LilyEvans4ever: I'm sure they would...*Lily murmered in his ear, then gently
nibbling on it, her hands making their way under James's robes*
Daisie Lupin: *She nodded mutely,her face was flushed*Even though I still
haven't figured out how Sev guessed....*She cast a sweet smile twards him as
her head leaned on his chest*
Sirius x Remus: Remus smiled. "You want some stranger to see you
LilyEvans4ever: *Sirius smiled* They might like what the see..*he teased*
Sirius x Remus: "But they can't have what they see.."
LilyEvans4ever: *Sirius pulled Remus to him closely* They sure can't.
XxSumireOhtorixX: *~Sev smiled~* I told you...I have agift......So....looks
like you arn't the only one now Narcissa.....jealous yet?
Sirius x Remus: Remus snuggled against him. "Mm, I always liked
LilyEvans4ever: *Lucius* She has no need to be jealous, Severus. She has
everything she can possibly want. Isn't that right, love?
XxSumireOhtorixX: *~james moans his body pressing tightly against hers,
himself becoming hard beneath his robes.~* mm...lily.....are you sure...we
shouldn't go indoors....*~he laughed~*
XxSumireOhtorixX: *~Narcie nodded~* For now at least.....I'll get back to
you on that later lucius.....
LilyEvans4ever: *He raised his eyes at her* And what's that supposed to
LilyEvans4ever: *Lily* No....I want you to take me right here, right now....
Daisie Lupin: *Daisie refrained from commenting,just wanting to lay down and
rest as she leaned tiredly on Severus,her arms around his body holding him to
XxSumireOhtorixX: Narcie> Nothing yet......We'll se wha thappens in the
future.....*~he laughs, surprized he got worried~*
Daisie Lupin: *she
XxSumireOhtorixX: *~her words did nothing to help james out but only
increased the pressure building in him allready. He rughly kissed her lips
pulling her hips tighter to his~*
XxSumireOhtorixX: *~Severus held daisie tight~* I is time for me
to get Daisie home.....She gets tired....
LilyEvans4ever: *Lucius* We shall have to meet again soon, Severus.
LilyEvans4ever: *Lily kissed back passionately, her hands running along
James's body*
Sirius x Remus: "Let's go home?"
XxSumireOhtorixX: Sev> Yes lucius.....we will.....we will catch up on
things....I promise....
LilyEvans4ever: *Sirius* Yes, lets.
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