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rp!!!!!! XD

You have just entered room "Retrohogwarts."
Daisie Lupin: (( *kicks aim hard* >O! ))
XxSumireOhtorixX: "nothing for me.....I do belive I've
lost my appetitie. I'll have a drink"
Daisie Lupin: *Daisie just thought of food and it made her
quesy and so she shook her head along with Severus*
Just some water...*She passed a glance at Lily*
LilyEvans4ever: *She raised an eyebrow at
Daisie* No appetite? You're lucky. I'll
probably end up gaining 80 pounds during this
pregnancy due to mine!" She chuckled a bit.
XxSumireOhtorixX: "yes....such opposites you
are......Daisie never seems to eat...I think she is
LilyEvans4ever: Lily looked at Daisie. "Why?" she
Daisie Lupin: *A smile passed her lips at her friend's
humer but she shook her head at Lily* ....No reason....
LilyEvans4ever: "You sure?" Lily asked again.
XxSumireOhtorixX: "don't pry lily." I'm sure Daisie
would tell you if something was wrong"
LilyEvans4ever: *Lily nodded.* "You're right. I'm
Daisie Lupin: *She nodded and turned her glance back
down and her cobalt blue orbs focused on the mark on
her wrist which was hidden by her glove*
Sirius x Remus: ((it's on the arm not wrist))
Daisie Lupin: (( Yeesh. Okay,her gloves are long. :P ))
Daisie Lupin: *arm
Sirius x Remus: ((hehe))
LilyEvans4ever: "I'll be right back, everyone. I
need to use the restroom." She got up and
walked towards the restroom.
Daisie Lupin: (( XD ))
XxSumireOhtorixX: "allright love.....don't take too
long the food shouls be here soon"
Daisie Lupin: *Daisie stands up and casts a smile towards
Severus* I think I'll join her.....*She followed after her
LilyEvans4ever: "Oh my...." Lily said to herself as
a sudden bout of nausea overcame her and she
hurried into one of the stalls."
Daisie Lupin: *She stands there and waits for her own to
pass,her gaze fixed upon her arm*
LilyEvans4ever: *As she finished up, she came out
of the stall and cleaned herself up. Noticing
Daisie, she smiled* "I could do without this
part of pregnancy," she stated.
Daisie Lupin: *Daisie was startled out of her thoughts by
Lily and she smiled* Yea...I know what you mean...*She
bit her lip*
LilyEvans4ever: *Lily looked at her suspiciously
again* Are you sure you're alright? Anything
you need to talk about.
Daisie Lupin: (( *stifles a yawn* ))
Sirius x Remus has left the room.
XxSumireOhtorixX: ((I think I'ts time for bed.....seems
like everyone has died...))
Daisie Lupin: (( Yea,sorry Cheryl ;-; ))
LilyEvans4ever: (aw, it's ok. I'm tired too)
LilyEvans4ever: I"m going to update Lily's journal
LilyEvans4ever: and then probably be off to bed
Daisie Lupin: I'll update Daisie's tommarow
Daisie Lupin: *hugglesCher* Night sweety! ^_^
XxSumireOhtorixX: I'll update all
tomorrow....hehehe...ngiht hun...::huggles cher"::
LilyEvans4ever: night! *huggles!*
XxSumireOhtorixX has left the room.
LilyEvans4ever has left the room.
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