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You have just entered room "Retrohogwarts."
LilyEvans4ever has entered the room.
Mary Cat Malfoy has entered the room.
MikagiCeres has entered the room.
Daisie Lupin: *ic for Daisie*
Daisie Lupin: (( again lol ))
Mary Cat Malfoy: ((*waves* beware the booting aim...if i
disappear, sorry!))
Daisie Lupin: (( Starting over? ))
LilyEvans4ever: (that's what happened to me too)
Daisie Lupin: (( kk ))
Sirius x Remus has entered the room.
Mary Cat Malfoy: ((had to reboot the entire comp ><))
Daisie Lupin: *ic*
Daisie Lupin: *Daisie sighed as she looked at the nearest
clock. Only 10 more mintues til she could go home and
take Severus with her to go and see Lily and
James.Setting a tray down on its right place,sshe whiped
her forehead with her hand.
Daisie Lupin: Looking backwards,she smiled at Sirius who
stood behind her.* Did you get that other table that was
waiting for you,Siri? *Her cobalt blue orbs sparkled with
mischeif as she looked at him,her long platinum blonde
curls in a ponytail
Daisie Lupin: at the base of her neck*
LilyEvans4ever: *Sirius playfully smacked his head and
looked back* "Whoops! I forgot. Silly me."
Daisie Lupin: *She laughed abit* I'll bet you did. *She
winks at him* So,how's Remus been doing? *She pushed
a stray piece of blonde curl from her face as she gazed
sadly at the man in front of her.*
LilyEvans4ever: *Sirius grinned* He's been doing great.
We're so happy together. It seems too good to be true.
*He frowned suddenly* I just wish you two would speak
to each other again.
Sirius x Remus: ((Remus is just stubborn))
Daisie Lupin: (( ;-; ))
LilyEvans4ever: (Hello! I didn't even see you enter the
room, lol)
Daisie Lupin: (( *giggles* Silly cher ^^ ))
Daisie Lupin: (( I think he should forgive her cuz its been
along while now ))
LilyEvans4ever: (hehe)
Daisie Lupin: *Her gaze turned sad and she looked like
she was almost about ready to cry but then she caught
herself and bite her lip to stop the tears*.....I wish he
would.......I really,really,miss being his friend,Siri......
Sirius x Remus: (( Yeah... you just wanna kiss him
again =p ))
Daisie Lupin: (( >.>:; ))
LilyEvans4ever: *Sirius looked thoughtful* I could talk to
him, but even I can't change his mind if he's bound
and determined to hate you. *He looked sadly at her*
He's stubborn. I love him, but it's the truth.
LilyEvans4ever: (what would Sevvie and Sirius say? :p)
Sirius x Remus: ((hehe))
Daisie Lupin: (( at least you guys didn't start on moldie
voldie and the muffins ))
Mary Cat Malfoy: ((*smirk*))
MikagiCeres: (( XD)))
LilyEvans4ever: (what's that? ;-) )
Mary Cat Malfoy: ((always could though...lol, j/k))
Daisie Lupin: (( ah! nu! XDDDD ))
Daisie Lupin: *She swallows abit,but nods* You are
right...Who are we to change his emotions? *She put a
few of the dishes she had in her hands and put them in a
nearby sink*
Mary Cat Malfoy: ((sephy, message from rach, don't kill
me! -Cristal Crow: XD MUAH FOR MUFFINS))
Daisie Lupin: (( x.X;; XDDD ))
Mary Cat Malfoy: ((gomen!))
Daisie Lupin: (( s'ok ))
Mary Cat Malfoy: ((*pokes head out of hole* Good
Daisie Lupin: *She started to feel abit lightheaded as she
thought of Remus and how she just wished he would let
up on his grudge agaisnt her when she felt her feet slip out
from under her and she felt herself lose conciousness.She
started to
Daisie Lupin: fall backwards*
LilyEvans4ever: *Sirius reached out quickly to catch
Daisie* Daisie! Daisie! Are you alright?
Daisie Lupin: (( 0.0; *wonders what Remus and Sev
would say* ))
MikagiCeres: (( sev: zzzzzzzzzzz...zzzzzzzzzzzzzz))
Sirius x Remus: ((about him catching her?))
LilyEvans4ever: (lol)
Daisie Lupin: (( yea lol ))
MikagiCeres: (( ::goes off to find her bed::: ))
MikagiCeres: (( I r soooooooo seepy.......:::yawns))
MikagiCeres: ((Darlings I think I'm going to go.....I'm
sleeping in my chair ))
Daisie Lupin: (( *pokes at Remus* ))
Sirius x Remus: (( ? ))
Mary Cat Malfoy: ((it's a poke fest))
MikagiCeres: ((take care you all))
MikagiCeres has left the room.
Daisie Lupin: *Her hair cascaded down her back,being
restrained by her ponytail.Daisie's whole body didn't do
anything at all while being held in Sirius's arms*
Mary Cat Malfoy: ((which is a really good thing,
sevvie would get jealous. ^^))
LilyEvans4ever: (too bad he can't walk in)
LilyEvans4ever: (But Lucius can ;-) )
Mary Cat Malfoy: ((god save us. lol))
Daisie Lupin: (( Have Remus come in tu ))
Daisie Lupin: (( XD ))
LilyEvans4ever: *Lucius strode into the Leaky Cauldron,
intent on having a little "chat" with Daisie. He was still livid
about Severus refusing to speak to him in front of her and
intended to straighten her
LilyEvans4ever: out. His eyes went wide with shock,
surprise, and satisfaction when he saw Sirius holding
LilyEvans4ever: *Lucius smirked evilly. This was good
indeed. He could go to Severus and tell him about seeing
Sirius and Daisie...and perhaps add alittle more more
fiction to the story*
Sirius x Remus: Remus walked in, wanting to go
home with Sirius when he got off work.
Mary Cat Malfoy: *Faith walks in the door, not watching
where she's going, and walks right into Lucius' back*
LilyEvans4ever: *Lucius walked closer to the pair*
Having alittle makeout session, Black? Wouldn't your little
werewolf friend and Severus be thrilled to see this?
LilyEvans4ever: *Lucius turned around and glared*
Watch where your going, Winlsow!
Mary Cat Malfoy: *Faith glares right back* Thanks for
stopping Malfoy.
LilyEvans4ever: *Sirius just stuck his tongue out at Lucius
and went back to trying to get Daisie to wake up* Daisie,
can you hear me? Daisie...Daisie, please....
LilyEvans4ever: (wb!)
Sirius x Remus: ((wb?))
Mary Cat Malfoy: ((lol))
LilyEvans4ever: (ack....I accidently scrolled up to the
beginning of the chat, rofl)
Daisie Lupin: (( oro? ))
Sirius x Remus: ((lol))
Mary Cat Malfoy: ((*claps*))
LilyEvans4ever: (thought someone got booted just now)
LilyEvans4ever: (me is such an airhead, hehe)
Sirius x Remus: Remus saw them, and went over,
wondering what was going on. "What's going
LilyEvans4ever: *Lucius smirked* Your dear lover boy is
having a hot and heavy makeout session with Ms. Foxx,
Mary Cat Malfoy: *hears Sirius and tries to push past
Lucius* What happened to Daisie? *Faith glares at
Lucius* Shut up, you git.
LilyEvans4ever: *Sirius* That's not true! She passed out
you bloody asshole!
Sirius x Remus: Remus glared at Lucius and pushed
past him
LilyEvans4ever: *Lucius walked closer to Sirius* Don't
ever call me names, Black. Or you'll be sorry. Remember
what happened in school?
Sirius x Remus: Remus snarled at Lucius. "Don't you
dare threaten him."
LilyEvans4ever: *Sirius growled* I'm not scared of you,
Malfoy.I've heard it all before.
Mary Cat Malfoy: *Faith shoves Lucius to one side and
moves over to kneel by Sirius and Daisie* She fainted
LilyEvans4ever: *Lucius laughed* Like I'd actually be
scared of you two. *Looks at Daisie* So what? She
fainted. Big bloody deal. She's pregnant.
Mary Cat Malfoy: *mutters under her breath about idiots*
LilyEvans4ever: *Sirius nodded and looked worriedly at
Daisie* I can't remember that spell that you use to revive
a person....should I just try CPR?
Sirius x Remus: Remus took out his wand
LilyEvans4ever: *Lucius* It's just a cry for attention.
Mary Cat Malfoy: *Glances up* Shut up, Malfoy!
Sirius x Remus: And pointed it at Daisie. "Enervate."
LilyEvans4ever: *Lucius spun around on her* Don't you
tell me to shut up, Missy. You're really pushing it with me.
Sirius x Remus: Which is the reviving spell
Mary Cat Malfoy: *Faith bites her lip for a second* Am I
now? So sorry, didn't realize.
LilyEvans4ever: *Sirius wonders what he would do
without Remus* I'd never make it without Remus, he
thinks. Always forgetting spells and potions and
charms. Thank goodness Remus has a better memory
than I do for that stuff. He smiles gratefully at
LilyEvans4ever: Remus*
Sirius x Remus: Remus noticed the smile, and he
smiled back at him.
LilyEvans4ever: *Lucius decided to let the comment slide
for now. He had other things on his mind at the moment.
Like finding Severus and having a little chat with him
about his girlfriend*
Daisie Lupin: (( ugh..I have to go now. Got a test to take
tomarrow to see if I get into a collage). You guys going to
continue without me? I don't mind if you do. ^_^ ))
LilyEvans4ever: (I need to go too, actually. but good luck
Mary Cat Malfoy: ((how do you continue without the
LilyEvans4ever: (Maybe we can roleplay again on Friday
night? I have to work Friday morning so I won't be on
tomorrow night most likely)
Daisie Lupin: (( Thanks ^^ hehe,you are right. Shall we
continue friday night? ))
Mary Cat Malfoy: ((yay!))
Daisie Lupin: (( XD lol ))
LilyEvans4ever: (yep!)
Daisie Lupin: okay :D ))
LilyEvans4ever: Hey, can someone log this and post it?
Daisie Lupin: (( its a date then ))
Daisie Lupin: (( I will ))
LilyEvans4ever: (good. I can never figure it out, lol)
LilyEvans4ever: (that way Andrea can read it too)
Mary Cat Malfoy: ((lol))
Mary Cat Malfoy: ((true))
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