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Faith Winslow

RP from 3/5/03

Daisie Lupin: *Daisie sighed in her sleep as she lay on the bed next to Severus. Most of the days she had felt barely strong enough to get out of bed and spent most of her day asleep,too tired to think.Her thick blonde curls spread out around her
Daisie Lupin: head messily and her hand held Severus' gently in her sleep*
LilyEvans4ever: *Lucius Malfoy, always a man to do whatever he pleased, walked up to the Snape mansion. He had thought about owling Severus before coming by, but changed his mind. He won't mind, Lucius told himself with an arrogant smile. He'll be
LilyEvans4ever: pleased to see me. He walked up to the door and rang the door bell, then stepping back and waiting patiently*
XxSumireOhtorixX: *~severua was awake. his hand being held tightly by daisie, he couldn't do much but stare out the large window of his room. hearing the bell Severus sighed~* who could that be? *~He leaned over and pressed is lips to daisie's cheek
XxSumireOhtorixX: to stir her, hoping she would relese his hand.~* I'll be right back my dear.....sleep sound. *~He pulled on his black robe walking down stairs and over to the door, pulling it wide~* well well....good morn Lucius....
LilyEvans4ever: *Lucius smiled* "Good morning, Severus. I do hope I'm not intruding at this early hour. Have I woken you?" He turned his head to look around for any signs of Daisie*
Daisie Lupin: *She stirred abit in response and her tired blue ors fluttered open as she heard Severus leave.Daisie was wondering if she should get up or not when she heard Lucius' voice and she shivered at the sound of it for his voice wa like
Daisie Lupin: grateing nails on a chalkbaord.She closed her eyes once more,not going to sleep but just listening to to the conversation,hoping that she wouldn't be needed*
XxSumireOhtorixX: no...not at all my friend. Do come in......*~He moved aside making room for a well dressed man to enter~* what brings you here lucius?
LilyEvans4ever: *He smiled and walked in* "It's been too long. I just thought we'd catch up on old times...."
XxSumireOhtorixX: I see....*~he showed lucius to the lounge. waiting for him to takea seat befoer he did~* how is narcissa?
LilyEvans4ever: *He sat down and made himself comfortable* "She is doing well. The baby is well. We've heard that Evans is very ill and Narcie seems to be gloating that the woman is in danger of losing this baby as well..*he chuckled* "And Daisie?
LilyEvans4ever: How is she?"
XxSumireOhtorixX: sick mostly.....She spends most her time iI think it's good for her....She was allways alittle too active.....*~His face controted as he heard the news about Lily. he tried to force things back~*
XxSumireOhtorixX: *in bed I
Mary Cat Malfoy: *Faith walks up to the door, her arms loaded with books. She pauses on the front step long enough to shift the books and push her long black hair back, and sighs* I hope Daisie likes these... *reaches out and knocks on the door*
LilyEvans4ever: "Some people weren't meant to have a child, I suppose, " he continued, on his rant about Lily. "What good would come of it anyway? A child born of a mudblood and an idiot.. and as for Daisie.." He stopped as he heard the knock on t
LilyEvans4ever: he door
Mary Cat Malfoy: *shifts the books again* Come on, these are heavy.
XxSumireOhtorixX: *~severus shook his head~* please excuse me...*~He stood and walked over to the door, pulling it open~* ahhh...Faith....daisie is still asleep bt you can go up...she'll probably wake once she hars you come in
Mary Cat Malfoy: *smiles at him* Severus. Thanks. *starts in and sees Lucius* Oh wonderful. You. My timing is perfect.
LilyEvans4ever: *Lucius looked irritably at the person who was interrupting his time with Severus. His eyes narrowed as he recognized the woman. "You!" He spat...
XxSumireOhtorixX: Faith....please....daisie is upstairs in the room on the left....I'm having a talk with my friend and would rather not be disturbed....
Mary Cat Malfoy: *Faith narrows her green eyes at Lucius* God save me. *turns back to Severus* Of course. Sorry to interrupt. Enjoy your talk. *She heads up the stairs* Figures he'd be here....
XxSumireOhtorixX: *~he moved bak into the lounge taking his seat once more~* forgive me were saying?
Daisie Lupin: *Hearing her come in,Daisie sat up tiredly,wondering if her muscles would let her not lay down now so she could talk to her friend.She yawned and she lay back against th pillow,saving her back*
Mary Cat Malfoy: *smiles brightly at her friend* Hey! I brought you a few things to read...I hope they don't bore you too much. *laughs as she sits on the edge of the bed*
LilyEvans4ever: *Lucius resumed his seat as well* "I was saying, some people weren't meant to have children." His hatred of the Potters had intensified since James had become an auror and secretly worried about being exposed for his involvement in
LilyEvans4ever: the dark side.
XxSumireOhtorixX: were going to say something about Daisie......weren't you? *~he didn't look angry, he just wanted to hear what he would say. Lucius had a way with things, and there was allways some truth to his words as well....~*
LilyEvans4ever: "I'm just suprised that you are still with her, that's all. "
LilyEvans4ever: (Aw, I need to go for alittle bit, but I'll be back on later if you guys are still on)
XxSumireOhtorixX: ((awww...okies hun))
LilyEvans4ever: (How late you be on?)
Mary Cat Malfoy: ((bye! ))
XxSumireOhtorixX: ((um.....dunno...1ish maybe 2's 11 now))
Mary Cat Malfoy: (( 12 my time...pacific))
LilyEvans4ever: (okies, I'll be back before then)
LilyEvans4ever has left the room.
Daisie Lupin: *She smiled brightly as her blue orbs turned to focus on her visitor and one of her bestfriends from school.Seeing the books in her hands she laughed abit as she leaned over to give Faith a hug* Faith! I thought you couldn't make it
XxSumireOhtorixX: ((you two keep ))
Mary Cat Malfoy: ((duh. lol))
Daisie Lupin: tonight. And you brought the books I had checked out of the library but never got the chance to bring them home. Thanks so much. I don't think I can repay ya,Faith dear..
Daisie Lupin: (( Hows that? ))
Mary Cat Malfoy: ((lol))
Daisie Lupin: *today
Mary Cat Malfoy: *shakes her head and smiles* Almost didn't. Jon was having fits, said I couldn't manage the walk by myself. I told him he sounded like Madame Pomfrey. He was mortally wounded.
Daisie Lupin: *Daisie pushed back someof her long platinum blonde curls from her face and from in front of her shoulders,her blue eyes glimmering with laughter as she giggles* That man! I swear I don't know about him sometimes.
Mary Cat Malfoy: He's sweet Daisie, really. Nothing like his brother. *grins* I knew I fell in love with the right guy. Oh, this book...*pokes one* is a very interesting 'romance.' *laughs*
Daisie Lupin has left the room.
Sirius x Remus has left the room.
LilyEvans4ever has entered the room.
LilyEvans4ever: hey :-)
Mary Cat Malfoy: hey!
XxSumireOhtorixX: hey.
LilyEvans4ever: where'd everyone go?
Mary Cat Malfoy: off whereever?
Mary Cat Malfoy: *wherever
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